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New website name

Having further considered the name Yorkshire Prints I don’t think it is expressive enough for the project. I have thought about the purpose of the site and its use of video to promote letterpress printing and think Square Eye Printing may work. It plays on the idea of square eyes and watching TV and the printing is more of an active doing word than prints. The format better represents the way a print studio would name itself and may therefore make Square Eye Printing seem more part of the community from the off.

Ideally the logo would be developed using letterpress techniques but there is some difficulty accessing the workshop. Digitally I tried to develop it in a letterpress printing style/format. Below is the timeline of development….




I wanted to add an ornament to the text to add interest. I also wanted to try to make the letters as square as possible to match in with the text. I tried to use the ornaments to make eyes to see if that would work too, but it wasn’t effective. I also tried to experiment with the flow of the words and if the layout could give a more contemporary rather than traditional feel to letterpress printing. Ensuring the logo has a modern feel will help attract a more modern audience – those with a design sensibility who would be best suited as the new letterpress printing audience.

This is the final logo and the application on the website homepage…

google cover image

square eye printing website home-01

Looking at how the logo could be applied to the video….



…but it doesn’t really work. I think it’s best to just have the logo as the opener and then use the same type in the credits, dropping the triangles.

logo on film 2

(screen grab is weird and I don’t know why – looks OK in Premiere Pro where the screen shot was taken)


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