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Leeds Print Festival

LPF008I personally declared myself a VIP and popped along to the opening night of Leeds Print Festival 2015 on Friday night (thank goodness no one asked to see my invite).

The night had a great atmosphere and a great mix of people. The exhibition looked fab from the glimpses I got of the work through the crowds of smoozers and party folk, but you couldn’t beat the little tasters sessions that were on offer. I finally got my hands of The Print Project’s Korrex proofing press that I spent a week filming for Square Eye Printing and printed a marvellous ‘print tough or go home’ poster. I also got to make my own little gold labelled notebook (well it was shiny and gold coloured) under the excellent tutelage of Papercut Bindery – who knew I’d been folding paper incorrectly for all these years.

On Saturday I meet up with VisCom Fran and we had an explore of the Print Fair, which was held in the same location – Colours May Vary and Leeds Gallery in Munro House. Again it was very popular and proved a bit of a squish at times and I still didn’t really get to see the exhibition as the stall holders made the prints hard to see (not their fault it was just where they were put). There was some fab work on display and I treated my self to a James Green print I’d been admiring for while, a tree book I’d been admiring for a while, and some mini books simply bought on the spur of the moment.

Olive the Whippet

Coming up in the Leeds Print Festival this week are letterpress printing workshops, one of which I’m going to film using a time lapse technique, the continuation of the exhibition and a better opportunity to view the full glory of the prints, and a grand finale of a jam-packed day of talks, which I sadly will miss due to work commitments. I already can’t wait for it to all happen again in 2016!


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