Carboot Photo Project

car booty bookey

After a hiatus of some four months things have gotten going again with my photo book project.

I’m working with Sam, who is a second year photography degree student and Leeds City College, to create a photo book based on our visit to the Bingley Carboot Sale. The book will be on sale at Pages Leeds International Artists Book Fair, an event which is fast approaching.

We took all our photos back in September but we both had university and personal commitments that held us back from progressing, but finally on Sunday we got together for a creative session and made great progress in establishing the narrative, style and format of the book.

The next step now is to experiment with some of the ideas we have, get samples and test the paper we like, buy the items we need, print and then make the books. We hope to do a limited run of 20, mostly digitally printed with some handmade elements. The next meeting is in two weeks when we hope to update each other on progress and further whittle down our image selection (we managed to reduce the hundreds of photos to about about 60 on Sunday so there’s still a way to go!)


One thought on “car booty bookey

  1. Hi kjg, I have only just stumbled on your kind comments about my exhibition at Harewood House. If you are ever in London you are welcome to come to Highbury to see more. Some stuff is now on display in Thomas Heatherwick’s Studio in kings Cross.
    Meanwhile there is the website, though it is a little out of date.
    Best, David Usborne 13 Highbury Hill N51SU 02072264701

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