all about me

Hi. I’m Kate. A mature student on the Visual Communication course at Leeds College Art. I’m hoping to graduate in 2015 and this blog is about me developing my personal and professional practice as I explore what it means to be a creative practitioner.

I have no idea where I heading with my own creativity, all I know is that I’m heading away from the office-bound life that was becoming increasingly suffocating as I imagine doing it for another 35 years. My background is in marketing and communications, which I still love and am greatly influenced by, but I knew it couldn’t be the only thing that could define me. You can read more about my transition from worker to student on my blog post Have I got the write stuff?.

I guess one could say that I’m now on my very own pursuit of happiness, a quest set by Confucius to find a job I love, so I will never have to work a day in my life. I’m going to absorb, try and learn as much as I can about anything that I can, and hopefully find my thing.

Please get in contact if you think you can help me along the way, or if you require any freelance marketing/social media assistance.


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