Dissertation text


This can be in the form of a question e.g. “How can awareness of water poverty be improved?” or a provocative comment e.g. “Chavs have no taste, but better taste than the middle classes”.


This should introduce the subject, tell us about your approach and indicate what conclusion might be. This would generally be written in third person but can be in first person as long as it is formal in tone.


Investigation into the background of your area of interest

A triangulated discussion of your research subject drawing on a range of secondary and primary sources. To include a preliminary conclusion setting out your own position in relation to the subject. This can use the generic title “Background Study” or preferably something more specifi eg. “Water poverty it’s causes and effects”


Investigation into the work of relevant creative practitioners

Identify and critically evaluate a range of creative projects, which relate to your research subject. Focus in particular on creative practice, which has attempted to effect positive change in response to the issues you’ve identified. This should have a title such as: “Creative responses to the issues of water poverty”


Your own creative response

Outline a creative project, which responds to your concerns and interests around your research subject. Ideally this should build upon, or react against, examples of existing creative practice discussed in your background study. You should include a proposal for how you intend to present your work to its intended audience – also include a detailed consideration of your selected audience if appropriate.

The chapter will conclude with documentation of your creative response (both written and visual) as appropriate to the nature of the work. This should have a title which relates to your own creative response, potentially the title of the work itself eg. “The Great Water Challenge – an interactive game for children aged 12-­‐16”


Evaluation of your creative response

Write a considered evaluation of your work with reference to all relevant aspects including: visual; aesthetic; formal; technical; communication; audience responses. Give particular consideration to whether the process of creating and presenting your work has changed or developed your understanding of, or opinions about, your research subject. This should have a title such as: “An evaluation of the Great Water Challenge”

Final conclusions of your research project

This should summarise your understanding of your research subject as developed through both parts of the project. Restate your original question/topic and summarise your overall findings.



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